What does your coffee say about you?

07 Sep 2020

Hold the milk!​

Studies say that if you drink your coffee black, you are an extroverted mover and shaker! It’s health conscious and generally requires a refined palette. You’re a ‘places to be, people to see’ type, who doesn’t have time to  stick around and wait for that milk to froth.


The chocolate on top.​

The humble Cappuccino drinker. Chances are you’re a bit old school and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A creature of habit but not one to underestimate. Enjoying a dusting of chocolate on top, you’re a little bit  indulgent.​


People’s choice.​

Latte drinkers just want to be liked by everyone – and who could blame them. Afraid of going against the status quo, latte lovers are looking for a safe choice and aim to please. These people wouldn’t mind splurging on some  avocado on toast at a trendy café, because it’s 2020 and who needs a mortgage!​

Something a bit fun.​

An Iced Americano seems like a long shot when it’s averaging 10 degrees outside. But these people are like the  fun in their cup - not so serious. Iced Americano drinkers aren’t fussed about too much. They’re sociable and always on the go!​

Up your at-home coffee game​

Unless you’re a coffee snob, there’s probably not too much thought put into making a morning coffee. But there  are so many ways to improve your brew. Avoid a bitter tasting espresso opting for quality roasted coffee beans  and try out a hand operated coffee grinder. Ditch throwing a spoonful of instant coffee into a mug and dousing with hot water for the more elevated approach – the French press (otherwise known as plunger coffee). Once you’ve mastered the art, it’s important to have the right cup or mug to drink from.​